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Anyone can read a lease, but knowing what to look for is what really counts.

Rent Review Problems?

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I specialise in rent review and business tenancy advice for landlords and retailers in England and Wales.

Full of pitfalls for the unwary, negotiation involving a business tenancy is complex, involving the expertise of lawyer and surveyor. With me on your side, you will enjoy the best of both worlds.

All types of retail premises - Use Classes, A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B8, sui generis, including shops with flats, leisure, restaurants, takeaways, betting offices, banks, supermarkets, stores, showrooms, trade counters - I have dealt with more than 5000 properties.

A commercial property surveyor in the retail property market for more than 45 years, and renowned for original and in-depth forward-thinking advice, many Clients have used my services regularly since 1975. You too can count on me for a good deal of expertise.

To contact me, please email help@michaellever.co.uk or telephone 01531 631892

I look forward to helping you in some way.

Michael Lever