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Research and Publications

I contribute to professional wisdom and market intelligence by writing about rent review, business tenancies, and retail property.

I publish
ML Guides on various topics. Some ML Guides are for Clients only, others are available free of charge: please click here.

Launched in 1984 as Quarterly Commentary, and renamed Current Review, I publish a free newsletter for Clients, Solicitors and Contacts. Each newsletter contains insight, information and advice on a range of rent review topics, business development ideas, and guidance for shop investment.

You will find a selection of my writings under
News and Views, search “Newsletter”, and for sample of Current Review, number 70, June 2010 issue, please click here.

If you would like to be
on the free mailing list for Current Review then please telephone 01531 631892 or email your name, company (if any) and full postal address to help@michaellever.co.uk

I look forward to helping you in some way.

Michael Lever